Nato a Torino, il 17 luglio 1955.

Graduated from the University of Turin in 1979.

Member of the Turin Bar since 1983.

Mediator with the “Conciliatore Bancario e Finanziario”.

Counsel for two leading Italian banking groups.

Languages: Italian, English, French. 

Areas of expertise: Banking and Financial Law, with specific experience in debt restructuring deals, guarantees, financial instruments and derivatives – Inheritance and trusts, assisting for family estates and the handing down family businesses to the next generation and the settlement of trusts - Private Banking, assisting both investors and trust management companies in asset planning and management – Art and works of cultural interest Law - Company Law, including mergers and acquisitions, transfers of shares and businesses, liquidations, shareholders’ agreements, business reorganizations and leveraged buyouts – Bankruptcy Law, with specific experience in debt restructuring agreements and reorganizations, assisting creditors and potential purchasers of assets from bankruptcy procedures - Arbitration, at both national and international level


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